Astrotheology: The Truth about Jesus Christ  and the New Testament


In response to your request for the CD from Bet Emet Ministries, a CD that contains all of our published studies, sixteen websites, total, sites on very important areas of thematic studies that provide the "key" to proper interpretation of Christianity as it exists today, then we ask that you consider a small donation to our ministry that allows us to continue to procure necessary materials to further our studies in these important areas that archaeology and Egyptology today are bringing to our attention. I ask that you consider a minimum donation made out to Craig Lyons of $50.00 for literally my life's work...twenty years of scholarly study into the true origins of the Christian faith, the origin of the Bible and the true people who wrote these religious and Spiritual documents that came to be included in the Bible. As you will see, the origin for our Bible stories do not rest with the Hebrews or Jews, but with the Ancient Egyptians originally. Along with the CD is included a very important 10 pages of detailed instructions as to how to approach these studies and study them "in order." There is a certain and proper path, or order if you so wish to call it, in which these studies need be followed, studied and addressed for their maximum benefit to the student. It is rather like climbing the stairs of ancient cannot get to the 16th step without properly traversing the steps between each other in "order" if you desire to obtain the goal in your pursuit of Spiritual truth. Such a sequential order assures a constant and progressive evolution of thought and understanding. This "order" in the study of these sites is critical if one is to build upon this new knowledge and follow the studies one step at at time and not get "lost" or overwhelmed by so much "new information." So often we read the end of the book first and get confused or just quit, or worse, we get scared not knowing how the teacher arrived at his conclusions. Fearful or overwhelmed, many stop their quest for Spiritual truth and their incarnational evolution stops. Hence, this information, approached in sequential thought, is of a vital necessity if one is to trace the evolution and man's departure from these Ancient Divine Spiritual Truths that all mankind were once given in the beginning of Creation. It is important to see how these ancient Spiritual truths were held sacred for over ten thousand years before the rise of Roman orthodoxy where they will change radically and rapidly with Rome's "literalization" of the Divine. Today we are so far from this One Truth, this "faith once given the saints," that it is a crying shame and the fruit of such a departure from these ancient Spiritual truths, especially as seen in our country which prides itself of being a Christian nation, speaks of our departure in America today from the Creator's will for mankind. In fact, for over the last 1,800 years, Rome has sadly been the leading culprit and the greatest sinner in this tragic departure from Divine Truth yet both it and its daughter, Protestantism, have churches that fill our land but little truth comes from them, focusing on tradition than the historical-critical study of the Bible. There is hope for your "return" to "the Faith" once given the Saints and this CD will show you exactly what we have "lost" and how we are to "recover it all" once again.

If you would like to obtain this CD with its instructions as to where to begin and how to proceed, then please respond prayerfully with your gift for this abundant truth that will not only change your life as never before, but reveal to you the goal of your incarnational purpose, which is no less that your realization in this Earthly life of the fullness and stature of Christ. I ask that you respond as the LORD lays on your heart to with your gift and support to my efforts and I thank you for your support as we are endeavoring at this time to reach out on a much larger manner if God permits. Please address all checks or money orders to simply Craig Lyons and the CD is out asap. Thank you. Please share this knowledge with others for we are moving into a new age of awareness in a Cosmic sense; it is time for mankind to take their next step in the evolution of its Spiritual consciousness as we strive to become one with the Divine ONE Himself. And this cannot happen without truth and knowledge. Remember, the only religion that God ever gave man was TRUTH!


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