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astrotheology and the truth about the jesus christ as found in the new testament




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My life has been one long arduous study of religion since graduating Southwestern Theological Seminary in 1988. After the first 7 years of such study I was forced to resign my Pastorate as a Christian Pastor having been thoroughly convinced that I was not teaching the truth concerning the "Jesus Story" nor "the Christ" but only reiterating an aberrant tradition that had strayed so distantly from the truths of the Ancients concerning this "Jewish Messiah" whom was believed to be "the Christ". After reading hundreds of books over those years and studying usually 5 hours a day, year after year, I have come to see without a doubt that all the world's religions, including Christianity, are nothing more than rewritten versions of an older story held dear by the earliest sages and priest of mankind that can be found on this planet; namely, the story of the birth, death, and rebirth of the Sun as it makes it circuit through the sky and the Zodiac once a year.

Please understand that I would not make such a statement unless I could prove it beyond any doubt to the interested reader

The summary of my studies these past twenty years can be summarized and categorized rather easily in 3 basic classifications which you will see yourself if you undertake similar studies. I found that there are three schools of thought down through history concerning the interpretation of just whom is this "Jesus Christ"!

  • The Historical Jesus Christ (the presentation of "the Christ" as taught through the medium of a presumed historical person to serve as an example for all mankind to emulate and follow)
  • The Mythical Jesus Christ (the personification of the Sun as it moves on its prescribed path through the Heavens where we find it moving through each house of the Zodiac which goes hand in hand with the changing seasons of the year [Spring Equinox, Summer Solstice, Autumn Equinox, Winter Solstice)
  • The Mystical Jesus Christ (the allegorical expression of a hidden teaching, a secret doctrine, given under strict and exacting conditions to approved candidates by the Ancient Masters of Spiritual Wisdom regarding the descent of the Logos (God) into matter, ie., mankind). Believe it or not we find that Paul speaks of this in the New Testament:

Col 1:27 27 To whom God would make known what is the riches of the glory of this mystery among the Gentiles; which is Christ in you, the hope of glory: (KJV)

On entering now on the study of the life of "the Christ", of the rites of Christianity, its sacraments, it doctrines, it would be disastrous to ignore the facts presented by comparative mythologists and religionists down through history. These facts regarding the identity of "Jesus Christ", rightly understood, hold the "key" to answering the biggest question ever posed to mankind: "Who is Jesus Christ"?

Over the many, many years of my religious studies following Seminary the puzzle pieces slowly came together and the answers to problematic questions came to ease my concern for the "swiss cheese" theology that I was taught there. It was in Seminary that I first discovered that many of the "Jesus Stories" were remarkable parallels with earlier "Sun god" stories from a host of Aryan nations. What I did not know then and what escapes the vast majority of Christianity in today's world is that many of the stories of these "solar gods" and "godmen" down through history which parallel the events in the life of the New Testament "Christ" as found in the New Testament and whichappear at first thought to be apparently historical were really purely allegorical. This is why the stories of Osiris, Horus, Dionysus, Attis, Adonis, Mithra, and a host of others read like the New Testament "Jesus Story". Nowhere, perhaps, is it more necessary to understand this than when we are studying the story of Jesus (called in this website the "Jesus Story"), surnamed "the Christ", for when we fail to separate the allegory from the literal truth,{short description of image} and see where the symbols have been mistakenly taken and believed as "historical events, allegories as histories, we lose most of the instructiveness of the narrative and much of its "Eternal Truth" once given to the Ancient Spiritual Masters by the Creator. Men fear that Christianity will be weakened when one comes to this understanding, and that it is "dangerous" to admit that events thought to be "historical" have a deeper significance in both a "mythical" and "mystic meaning". That simply is not the case but those who advocate not delving into these deeper areas of understanding of "the Christ" keep others from recovering the truths concerning "the Christ" as the Ancients who gave us those concepts understood them and "him" in the first place. Let us not forget that as Egypt taught in the beginning of recorded history mankind was made in the image of God and not God in the image of man! The "halo", or nimbus, surrounding the picture of Jesus above should be a "tip off" that there is much about this "Jesus Christ" that escapes our simple understanding of him as presented by the typical "historical" understanding of him handed down in Roman Christianity today. Inquiring minds should want to know:

"Who really is this Jesus Christ of the New Testament and why can the chronological events of his life as written and recorded in the New Testament be shown to be a perfect parallel to the allegorical understanding of the path of the Sun through the houses of the Zodiac as well as the Equinoxes and Solstices as taught by the Ancients"?

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Bet Emet Ministries has presented over the last several years the collective research and data gathered from our scholarly study of "the Christ" and have presented this presentation in various websites on the Internet. But this presentation of the "Mythical Jesus Christ" is the most explosive revelation concerning "Jesus Christ" yet to date.

It is not my desire to harm anyone or their "faith" but truth should matter to you and me; especially if we love God and desire to know as much about Him in our lives today. Much of what we at Bet Emet Ministries share with our readership will be new information to the vast majority of our readers mainly because Roman Christianity has chosen not to teach these truths and to a large extent down through history suppressed them. Just because you have never heard of some of what we write does not mean it is not true; it only means you have not seen it yet in your corner church house.

Prov 3:3-4 3 Let not mercy and truth forsake thee: bind them about thy neck; write them upon the table of thine heart: 4 So shalt thou find favour and good understanding in the sight of God and man. (KJV)

Prov 23:23 23 Buy the truth, and sell it not; also wisdom, and instruction, and understanding. (KJV)

What passages! Truth is not free today; it costs you sometime. First of all it costs you time and energy where you invest your life to confirm what you read from Bet Emet to be the "ultimate truth". We have done our homework for over 20 years well and unto the Lord. It is our gift to all mankind because of our love for God and all His children; many of which never dreamed like I once before I began serious study into my faith that I could have believed "lies" given me by Rome instead of "truth" in my relationship with God and His "Christ".

Prov 12:17 17 He that speaketh truth sheweth forth righteousness: but a false witness deceit. (KJV)

Let me warn you that as we study that you will see that we can approach the "Jesus Story" from a "LITERAL" perspective and draw from it patterns of conduct and behavior to be followed by all of mankind, and we have done just that; in fact that is where we started with our presentation of a "Jesus Christ" from a literal perspective in our ministry's earlier websites hoping to expose the "dejudiazation" of this "Jesus Christ" by Rome on the pages of the New Testament. In so doing we tried to expose how Rome replaced the concept of the Jewish Messiah with one of their own making as well as show how the Laws and Commandments of God are in effect today and are the very building blocks of our Covenants with God. A few years later I was able to construct and present a deeper understanding of "the Christ" and we were able to present the"Mystical Jesus Christ" whereby we showed how the earliest Christians (actually called Chrestians and not Christians in the beginning) and the First New Testament from Marcion, which Rome would later corrupt and destroy, understood "the Christ" as a Divine Allegory of a Divine Concept inherent within all of mankind and not exclusive to just one person. That is why this First New Testament of these earliest Gnostic "Christian/Chrestian" believer did not teach a "fleshly" or a "historical Jesus Christ". That is why the seven authentic epistles of Paul never taught a "fleshly Jesus" but only in the later forgeries do we find such ideas. This Roman Second New Testament was the production of a radical reinterpretation of the earlier concept of "the Christ" as held by the earliest Gnostic Christians as handed down by the Ancient Spiritual Masters as far back as Egypt. This Roman Second New Testament was also a reinterpretation of "the Christ" from what both Jewish and Gentile Gnostics believed about "the Christ" in the first century.

The Gnostic First New Testament, which today can be reconstructed by the study of the attacks of the early Church Fathers on Marcion and these Gnostic Chrestians, goes a long way in helping today's student see just what was believed about this "Christ" in the first century before the rise of Roman Christianity and the production of their Second New Testament. Understand your studies will show what I discovered; namely that this earlier and Ancient understanding of "the Christ" (both Mystical and Mythical) which we identify in this website as the "Gnostic" understanding of "the Christ" will be lost to the world by the fifth century and forced "underground" by Roman Christianity and their military might. These earlier Gnostic Spiritual Masters will be almost persecuted out of existence by Rome and the "Divine Allegory of the Christ Within" will be later "literalized" by Rome in their Second New Testament. Lost to the world will be the earliest understanding of "the Jesus Christ" as known since the beginning of recorded time. This is where most of Christianity exists today believing in a "Literalized Jesus Christ" which has been presented as a historical person when the deeper truths of the "Christ Within" are seldom heard and that goes double for the "Mythical Christ".




Now we come to the most explosive presentation of "Jesus Christ" yet to date: The Mythical Jesus Christ.

Answer for yourself: Yes, I said it correctly. We speak of the "Mythical Jesus Christ" but don't think for a moment that there is not behind these "spiritual concepts" hidden and deeper truths that reveal our God like never before. God again is not a man and we need to get that straight in spite of what the Roman council at Nicea might say in the early 4th century.

Our focus on the "Mythical Christ" will take us back to the beginning of recorded history. In fact we go beyond recorded time to the oral traditions of pre-dynastic Egypt where they saw God and His message to all mankind in the Sky and Heavens. I call it today "Theology in the Stars". It is a known historical fact that Rome did burn the many libraries of the world to cover up their lies and falsification of "the Jesus Christ" but no man or no false religion can burn the stars above our heads or forge the sky as they do books like Rome's Second New Testament. God still writes on the blackboard of the nights His Divine Message to us. Sadly few of us know it is even there or how to read and interpret it. Truly you need "keys" to understand what God is saying on the Night's Blackboard and His Heavens and I will give them to you in this website if you so desire to study along with us. If you continue on this website be advised that what you will learn about "Jesus Christ" will be the most starling and upsetting information you may have ever heard yet to date but I cannot help that. I can only say you will survive it as I did when I so desired the truth that I would not stop my quest for God and His ultimate truth because it "went against what my church had taught me". Let us remember as demonstrated on so many of our other websites that we as Christians and followers of "the Christ" have a spiritual book given us by Rome that is "forged" in key places which hides these deeper truths from us. It is well past time we get new "keys" to understand our Creator and His true message to us. We in our studies will go to the very origin of what later becomes the whole of the "Jesus Story" in the New Testament, from start to finish and in-between, and we will show you that without a doubt that the whole of the "Jesus Story" and the major events in it comes from Ancient allegories told about the Sun and is path through the sky, the Heavens, and its path through the Zodiac once a year as it moves through the Spring Equinox, the Summer Solstice, the Autumn Equinox, and the Winter Solstice. It is in these movements of the Sun you will see as I did the exact "chronological story" of "Jesus Christ" as recorded in the New Testament.

This statement will be backed up with copious presentations of astronomy and astrology which proves beyond any doubt that the "Jesus Story" in the New Testament is a parody and takeoff of the path of the Sun through the Heavens. These facts about the Mythical Jesus Christ, and I mean facts, undeniable facts, address so many problems that exist today concerning Jesus Christ as depicted in the New Testament and settle all debates about him once and for all!!! Once you see these facts for yourself then you will understand why there exists no unforged evidence for the existence of a "Historical Jesus Christ" in history outside of this one book that Rome gave the world in their presentation of a "Literal Jesus Christ". These facts about the Mythical Jesus Christ will explain why the exploits of Jesus in the New Testament are but a recopying of the ancient lives of the Sungods and the Sungodmen. These facts about the Mythical Jesus Christ will explain why all Sungods had a death on a cross and a resurrection 3 days later and it only begins there. These facts concerning a Mythical Jesus Christ will explain why the Jewish sages and Rabbis down through history cannot accept the Christian Jesus Christ as their Messiah. In fact all questions about "Jesus Christ" will have been answered for all time. Then we can focus on the Creator God, as we should have been all along, having dealt thoroughly with this "Jesus Christ" for the last time.

But again the good news is that in such a study you will see God and His true message for all mankind; not as we have it today from Rome where it is altered and adulterated almost beyond recognition in our New Testaments. The Ancients knew this God like few nations today every hope to and they recorded their knowledge and in spite of Rome's purge of the world's libraries has surfaced today with the aid of archeology and it lays before us if we only desire to look. We truly live in a blessed age where such Divine Truths have been restored to all of mankind and the hope of a renewed brotherhood of man that moves beyond traditional religious walls lays at our grasp. For you see God and His message to all mankind is the same regardless of man's religious camps.

Words escape we when the magnitude of what I have discovered and what I will present to the reader rushes to the forefront of my mind. I am yet overwhelmed by what I have uncovered and have seen in my studies of the "Mystical" and "Mythical Christ". But understand that you, if reared a Christian, will need all the courage and fortitude you can muster to work through this website for it will touch all of your emotions and challenge the typical Christian to his utmost being and at times leave you breathless. But your final destination is "TRUTH" and let nothing in your life stop you from reaching this destination for God has never lied to us and never gave us a falsehood as large as the "Literal Jesus Story" which Rome has done and which we have been fed to us in the Western Hemisphere our whole lives. We embark to such a destination of undeniable truth right now.

In order to recover such truths regarding the question posed at the beginning of this article then 3 areas of study will be necessary. It is to these areas of study we now turn in order to see what we have to thoroughly consult to ever hope to arrive at the answer to the question posed at the beginning of this article "Whom is Jesus Christ" and resounds in the New Testament in Mark 8:27:

27 And Jesus went out, and his disciples, into the towns of Caesarea Philippi: and by the way he asked his disciples, saying unto them, Whom do men say that I am? (KJV)

This will be a long and challenging study but before we begin I want to give inform the student and reader of what will be required of them if they every hope to come to terms with the "Jesus Puzzle" or the "Jesus Story" as I call it. This is a complicated weaving of different strands of theology mixed together over thousands of years and to make sense of it today, especially with our Western mindset, is no easy task and nigh impossible if we don't possess adequate knowledge and "keys" for proper interpretation of the "Jesus Story". After we "get our feet wet" by reading the article on the "4 areas of study necessary to understand correct 'Jesus Christ'" we will proceed to the meat of this study.

4 Areas Of Study Necessary If You Every Hope To Come To An Accurate Understanding Of "Jesus Christ" and "the Christ"

On to the main website containing the articles for our study

Recover "The Faith Once Given To The Saints" Which Has Been Perverted By Gentile Christianity And Their "Literal" and "Historical" Interpretation of the Sacred Texts


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