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In a previous article I introduced the reader to a new concept: the Neteru as the "Attributes of God" as understood by the Ancient Egyptians. I shared a little about the neteru as the personifications of universal principles, functions and attributes of the one great and supreme God. The neteru who were called "gods" by some, were endorsed and incorporated into Christianity under a new name, "angels".

The ancient Egyptian word "neter," and its feminine form "netert," have been wrongly, and possible intentionally, translated as "god" and "goddess," by almost all scholars. There is no equivalent word in meaning, to the word "neter," in the English language. Honest translation should use the native word, if they cannot find its equivalent in their language. "Neteroo" (plural of "neter/netert") are the Divine Principles and Functions that operate the Universe. They are all aspects and functions of the One Supreme God. The words "god" and "goddess" leave the impression that ancient Egyptians had a multitude of gods, which is absolutely untrue.

As such, an Egyptian neter/netert was not a god/goddess but the personification of a function/attribute of the One God. With this understanding comes likewise the understanding that the labeling of Egyptian religion as "pagan" or "idolatrous" betrays the complete lack of understanding of the Egyptian religion by the writer or would be scholar.

The Song of Moses in Deuteronomy (32:43), as found in a cave at Qumran, near the Dead Sea, mentions the word "gods" in the plural:

"Rejoice, 0 heavens, with him; and do obeisance to him, ye gods."

Answer for yourself: Does this reference by Moses to "gods" by one motivated by Monotheism seem strange? Does this principle possible indicate that the Essenes, who would find their home in Alexandria, Egypt, later were influenced not only by Egyptian religion but by the evolution and paganization of it in their day? The Essene answer will come later for we have not gotten that far yet but the answer you will find upon examination is "yes." I have devoted a whole website to this problem which you need to see for yourself if you want to know how these ancient Divine Revelation and truths and personifications of universal principles, functions and attributes of the one great and supreme God were later corrupted by these Essenes in Alexandria and Qumran where these concepts once expressed as "attributes" of the One True God were later personified as if "real people" and later applied to Jesus; thereby making him God.

The passage we find in the New Testament (Hebrews, 1:6),

Heb 1:6 6 And again, when he bringeth in the firstbegotten into the world, he saith, And let all the angels of God worship him. (KJV)

reveals to us the transformation of the idea of the neteru. The the word "gods" as understood by Moses in the Song of Songs pointed about above has been modified. These attributes of the One True God now have a life of their own and they become "angels." The word for "gods" is substituted with "angels of God". Again this concept of the "neteru" shows the hidden influence of Egyptian religion not only among Judaism but even the movement later termed Christianity and because of this fact it is imperative to understand Egyptian religion in its earliest form as well as the corruption of it down through history if one wants to correctly understand both Judaism and the later corruption of Judaism and the simple Divine Revelation under Christian hands and Gentile Christianity. The term "angels", according to the Metaphysical Bible Dictionary, refers to those who "guard and guide and direct the natural forces of mind and body, which have in them the future of the whole man."

Angels, or neteru, are living energies. In the wisdom teaching of various cultures, these Causal Powers are called by many names including Agents, Angels, Conscious Thought Forms, Creative Energies, Devas, Fathers, Fountains, Gates, Governors, Hands of God, Lords, and Shining Ones.

Edwin C. Steinbrecher, an astrologer, metaphysician, and author of, The Inner Guide Meditation, says that angels are, "living energies that contain ideas and information, specific patterns of instinctual behavior and thought. They are the energies which somehow attach themselves, without our conscious awareness, to everything we meet in the world we call real. [They] are the life energies that pour out of each of us unceasingly night and day. . . influencing everyone in our lives and causing us to be influenced in return."

Just like the Egyptian's neteru, each "angel" has been given a name and specific function(s). And just as each neter of Egypt did not always take the same form and shape, so is the case for each angel. As your projection of them changes, so will their appearance. Sometimes, they are so blocked by the ego that you can only see their dim, hazy outlines. Many have seen angels change from a shining light to a form resembling a human being, then into a symbol (cube, triangle, etc.), and back to human features. Upon careful examination, the concept of the Egyptian neteru was accepted by ancient and modern societies, who merely chose new names to express Egyptian ideas. The neteru became angels.




The energies represented by the various neteru may function together in groups or as individuals. The interaction between the neteru are expressed in myth, which is to be understood as the dramatization of cosmic and natural laws. We discussed the role of myth in an earlier article. The union of certain pairs of complementary energies/attributes (masculine and feminine forms) resulted in a third energy/attribute.

Some of the major Egyptian triads are:

  • Amen-Mut- Khonsu
  • Ausar (Osiris) - Auset (Isis) - Heru (Horus)
  • Ptah - Sekhmet - Nefertum

Answer for yourself: What should this teach us? Simply when reading of Osiris and Horus and Isis as well as other "neteru" or "gods of Egypt" we are not speaking of "literal historical people" or actual "competitive gods of the One God" but Divine Concepts that operate in this One God that are very real that are later personified by the Egyptian Spiritual Masters to help mankind better understand and relate to his God and Creator. This is not an odd concept, and it was copied in the trinity of the Christian faith and few know it. This explains why the corridors of history and nation after nation express these same "Divine Concepts" under different names whom we mistakenly believe were "pagan gods" and ridicule them as "stupid" in fact when a proper understanding of this Divine expressed in these concepts are absolutely breathtaking when you see them as they were understood by the Ancients. Our blindness today is due to Rome who burned the worlds libraries and murdered millions to cover up the fact that their "literalization" of these "allegorical expressions of God" was a lie. They basically "literalized" the Christ within as a historical "god-man" whom we know today as "Jesus" to give validity to their Emperor as the Roman "god-man". Today we don't know this when reading accounts of a "literal" and a "supposed historical Jesus" but in fact the "Christ" was always real...but not a historical person but rather "persons" for God's Christ dwells within us all as does this God Whom we love and Whom Manifests Himself as Osiris, Isis, Horus, etc. When we speak of "resurrection from the dead" we speak of the reality of Osiris. It is but a picture expressing a holy and Divine concept which tragically down through history lost its true meaning and today as Christians we truly look through a glass darkly. Tragically the Bible speaks of what has happened to Christianity since loosing the true "gnosis" behind these concepts:

Isa 42:18-19 18 Hear, ye deaf; and look, ye blind, that ye may see. 19 Who is blind, but my servant? or deaf, as my messenger that I sent? who is blind as he that is perfect, and blind as the LORD's servant? (KJV)

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