Astrotheology: The Truth about Jesus Christ  and the New Testament

Astrotheology and the Truth About "Jesus Christ"
as Found in the New Testament

Rev. Craig Lyons Ms.D., D.D., M.Div.
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I provide the reader and avid student in our first article on this Website how he might come to understand that there are 4 different areas of study that one must master if he is ever hope to come to a proper understanding and interpretation of "the Christ" of the New Testament. Since the Reformation the Bible has been put back into the hands of the people, and the question that has risen among many students of the Bible is whether or not the Scriptures should always be taken literally. As is the case most Christians and believers in "the Christ" grow up from childhood being taught a "literal-historical" understanding of the "Jesus Story" which we find in the New Testament never knowing that archeology has proved today that the earliest believers in "the Christ" never understood "Jesus Christ" as a just one human being but rather understood the Divine Concept of "Jesus Christ" not in a literal manner but in an "allegorical" manner. Yes, we are today literal in every sense of the word when we first approach the New Testament but if we study hard and gather needed knowledge about the times and the people who generated these Ancient Divine Concepts we find that beneath what we have assumed was a "literal" and "Historical Jesus Christ" are but allegories, figurations, and symbolisms of the Sun, Stars, and Constellations and their path in the Heavens. On the surface this is hard for the normative Christian to hear let alone contemplate as even remotely possible. We have all grown up hearing from Christian teachers and pastors the basic rule for a literal interpretation of the Scriptures:

"When the plain sense of Scripture makes sense, seek no other sense."

But unknown to these preachers and teachers of old from which we received our "traditions" is the now discovered facts of modern scholarship that expose this axiom of New Testament "Literal" interpretation as totally false since behind the "Jesus Story" in the New Testament we find that those who gave us these Divine Concepts down through history were people called "Gnostics" and they interpreted and wrote allegorically and not literally in the times that they lived. History and archeology has shown us that there existed both Jewish and non-Jewish Gnostics as believers in "the Christ" long before Rome replaced the "allegorical interpretation" of "the Christ" with a "literal interpretation" of "the Christ". If one for whatever reason begins a serious study of the Christian Faith and its origin along with its Jewish Roots then he quickly finds over time that behind the "Jesus Story" which we have assumed was a historical account of a real person in the first century is multiple allegories for what would be innocently the oldest and most important story humans ever knew or wrote down; namely, that being the annual passage of the Sun through of the seasons of the year (the Equinoxes and Solstices) as interpreted through the Ancient's understanding of the path of the Sun, stars, and constellations in the Heavens which influenced these very seasons of the year. The Ancient Priests and magi made up stories which were allegories based on what they "literally" saw occur in the Heavens. Later on, with the passage of much time, these stories took on a life of their own, as the stories were passed down from generation to generation but the knowledge of what the stories originally represented was lost. People started believing their "inherited" stories were real and actual history of events that actually really happened in the past, when originally the stories were nothing more than allegories for what people saw happening in the Heavens with the Sun and the Stars. The bottom line to all of this is that when one begins to study comparative religion one finds to his amazement that the basic plot of the "Jesus Story", including his life, ministry, and motif of a crucified and resurrected savior after 3 days being dead already existed in many other Aryan religions thousands of years prior to the alleged time of the supposed "New Testament Jesus". The "Jesus Story" is the oldest story recorded in the annals of mankind going back to Ancient predynastic Egypt and beyond. One only has to read books by Jackson and G. Massey to see this for themselves. This explains why there is not a shred of legitimate historical evidence or any unforged evidence anywhere known today that exits anywhere outside of this one Roman New Testament the validates that the "Jesus Story" originated as a biography of a literal-historical man named "Jesus of Nazareth". In fact there exists to the contrary a mountain of evidence that the New Testament's account of "Jesus Christ" is not to be interpreted or understood in a "Literal-Historical" setting as we have been taught.

The problem to which I refer concerns how we have been taught to "interpret" the religious texts which we have inherited. The language of the Bible, when taken "literally" instead of "allegorically", in many cases has a way of leading the unwary reader not equipped with the "keys" to this religious puzzle into thinking it was recording human historical events when, in reality, it was referring to the patterns of the stars as well as their movement in the Heavens above. We will see the evidence for this now and prove the prior statement as factual. We will prove this to the reader and student beyond any doubt on this website with the articles that follow. By way of introduction this is a website quite unlike our others at Bet Emet Ministries in that in order to understand how the "Jesus Story" came from the stars the student will need to become quite familiar with much astronomical terminology as well as some astrology in order to follow and understand correctly how the "Jesus Story" can be taken from the path of the Sun in the Zodiac as well as the stars and constellations as they move in the Heavens throughout the year. With that in mind we begin our introduction of this website introducing the reader to the necessary astronomical concepts before examining the individual events in the life of Jesus as found in the "Jesus Story" in the New Testament. Blessings: Craig Lyons M.Div.

4 Areas Of Study Necessary To Find The Truth About Jesus Christ




Now it is time to view the factual evidence that exists today concerning the "historical Jesus". I will let you draw your own conclusions after having read and digested the information below.

If you so desire I recommend our Egyptian...Christianity website....for truly the information there is astounding and enlightening like nothing you have ever seen before.

Now it is time to get behind this "Jesus Story" and find the Divine Truth hidden in it that is "true"!










Now we come to the main reason for these pages. We wish to reveal, as others have sought to do, that the greatest of all the mythologies, the Christian, is entirely based on the zodiac & the stars. We will do so by examining key events in the depiction of the life of "Jesus Christ" and in so doing we will see the annals of history in search for the origin of such stories among the Sun and the Stars. Plato said "They deem him their worst enemy who tells them the truth". Well I hope that is not your opinion after you study these pages but rather recognize the love God has given us for His truth and the desire to impart that to many who have never been given these truths. After such a study one can quickly see that Astro-Theology can be used as an hermeneutic in all of the dogmas & creeds that the world is host to. We concentrate here, however, on the Judaeo-Christian ethos, as it is the one familiar to most persons in the Western Hemisphere and it constitutes the most pernicious form of theological lies that capture the intellect of mankind and subjugates the reason & character of humanity. It has also been pointed out that if the name of "Jesus Christ", the Son of God, is replaced by the word Sun, every passage that relates to the personality will fit & make even better sense than if taken for a biography. Even a cursory familiarity with the precepts of Astro-Theology will make one clear on this point. For those still skeptical we must be allowed to quote Rousseau:

The falsification of history has done more to mislead humans than any single thing known to mankind.






Really, a better question would be to ask: "What did these sungods and dying/rising gods mean to these who heard these stories and these "theologies" thousands of years ago"? Yes, that is the question and the answers fill the questions that we have as Christians and followers of "the Christ" since the "Jesus Story" is so alike all these other solar gods why likewise "died and rose again 3 days later".

Now we must learn a bunch from another website dealing with these early "Chrestians" or Christians as we call them today. We must deal with the Gnostic understanding of all we learned in Egyptian studies and all we learned in the Astrotheology studies and see how this was modeled in the lives and beliefs of these earliest "Gnostic Chrestians". For that we must go to another site for this information; ironically a site dealing with the true First New Testament which we don't have in our churches today.

But before we go I need to help you make sense out of why this Astrotheology and personifications of the Sun and its path through the Cosmos was so important to the Spiritual Masters of yesterday. For that we need to understand correctly how these ancient people looked as these similar "sungods" and "sungod stories" which mimic our "Jesus Story" today.

Answer for yourself: Did the Ancients understand these "sungods" as if "literal-historical"? How should we make comparisons to an "assumed literal-historical Jesus"? What is behind all of these representations of these "sungods"? Were all the Ancients going to hell according to Christian doctrine? Is there a common thread and hidden link we have missed between all of the above "gods"? Were all of these "sungods" nothing more than allegories and symbols for a deeper "spiritual reality" that escapes us today? Could it be that the Ancients understood all of these above "pagan gods and goddesses" as allegories for the Divine Energy and Soul within all mankind and we not know it?

Let us see if our whole Christian perspective on these "sungods" has been wrong from the traditional Christian perspective. What is the implication for the "Jesus Story" since it parallels completely these other stories of these "sungods"? Do we dare rethink the "literal-historical" interpretation of "the Christ"? Were the Christian Gnostics right about "the Christ" and Rome wrong and have we believed a Roman lie and forged documents about this whole thing and could our Christian understanding of "the true Jewish Messiah" be incorrect? What a study. The truth is out there in these links to help the evidence mount to prove our points but first let us understand the deep spiritual insights behind these Ancient sungods which are forerunners of the later "Jesus Story".

If you have studied our Egypt-Christian website as well as this Jesus-Astrotheology site then now you know why throughout all our websites that we advise that the Christian seriously look into Judaism for it is the living link today with these Ancient Truths found originally in the first religion of mankind, the Egyptian religion. Through Judaism today and their Torah we have made available to us today, the non-Jew, the most proper way for us to continually develop, mature, and perfect our Soul without being encumbered by the idolatry inherent in the Christology of Roman Christianity due to their falsification of these Ancient Religions texts where they "literalized" the Ancient Divine Allegorical Truths first given to mankind in the beginning of time and in so doing gave the world a false salvation message and destroyed the Spiritual Truth of the "Christ Within".

Recover "The Faith Once Given To The Saints" Which Has Been Perverted By Gentile Christianity And Their "Literal" and "Historical" Interpretation of the Sacred Texts



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"Who do men say I am?".


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